Why not explore Tokyo at your own pace on a bicycle that’s as light to pedal as a city breeze?

Temporarily we can only accept a reservation via email.   Now we accept a reservation only via email.

Please contact us : with your information as below.



【title】Bike Rental  

【content】 ・your name (full name) :

        ・bike number, model and size :

        ・date:         (except Tuesday, due to regular holiday )

        ・time to pick-up:

      (※If you don’t show up at this time without ant notice, your reservation might be cancel.)


  <<PRICE>> Same Day Return ・・・¥2,500 (10:00-18:00)

       2nd Day Onward・・・¥1,500 / day  

※Our business hour and price has been changed since September.

<<MODEL>> TOKYOBIKE 26 ・・・8speed / Horizontal frame / 26inch tire

       ▷S size (150-165cm)  M size(165-175cm)  L size (170-180cm)  XL size(180cm~)  

       TOKYOBIKE BISOU 26・・・8speed/26inch tire / Front Basket

      ▷S size (145-165cm)  M size(160cm〜)





・A booking is not completed without a confirmation ail from us.

・We require the payment when you pick up the bike and you also need to bring your passport or suitable identification.

・We introduce many recommend places in East Tokyo. Please visit to our City Guide before exploring Tokyo!  

<<Conrition and Terms>>

Please read our hiring policy before booking.


On the occasion of rental you must provide a copy of identification card / passport for each user.

You agree to follow traffic laws and manners, and to use the bicycle safely and responsibly.

Tokyobike cannot be held responsible for any accident ,injury, or other troubles that may happen during the rental of the bicycle.

We cannot bear the responsible for any trouble to do with getting a flat.

You agree to arrange repair at the nearest bicycle shop at your expense.

In the event of loss or theft you agree to compensate the full list price of the item/s.

We cannot accept any modifications of bicycles, including installing child seats, or any actions that could scratch the bicycle itself. The sole place of rental and return is Tokyobike Rentals Yanaka.

We do not provide and delivery to hotels or recovery services at separate locations such as our other stores.

When you are not able to return on time, you must notify us beforehand.

In addition, a surcharge is applicable when you are not in time for our closing time.

*The surcharge applies to each bike. Surcharge 500 yen /at the start of every 30 min block of delay.

A collection fee applies when for any reason trouble or injury return by your own becomes impossible.

*The collection fee is 3,000 yen within 3kms plus 500 yen added per km exceeding.

Those younger than 18 must provide the written consent of their guardians.

When there is no written consent, we may refuse rental.

We reserve the right to decline use when it is judged by us that a visitor cannot for health or other reasons ride safely.


— Overnight rental —

Please confirm beforehand that your hotel has a space where you can park the bicycle safely. When you cannot secure overnight bicycle parking space, we may decline rental.

— Cancellation Policy —

If you wish to cancel your booking , please make sure to email us. If you experience any trouble or malfunction during the rental, please contact tokyobike rentals immediately. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Tokyobike Shop&Rentals Yanaka


4-2-39 Yanaka Taito-ku ,Tokyo MAP

TEL : +81 3-5809-0980

Open : 10:00 – 18:00 | Closed : TUE

【caution!】Our business hour has been changed since September.