Bicycle Hire Policy & Agreement

1. The hirer must obey all traffic laws and ride in a safe and responsible manner.*1


2. While care is taken to maintain the hire fleet,the hirer is responsible for checking that the brakes are in good working order before riding.


3. Photo identification must be presented for all bookings.


4. In the event of an accident during hire


<Injury to the hire>
We do not accept any responsibility for injuries sustained, except where mechanical faults were present *2.This includes incidents or injuries sustained on the parking grounds and pathways.
<Third party liability>
Third party injury and/or damage from the use of rental bicycles will be covered to the limit of 100,000,000JPY in accordance with insurance policy provided by Tokyobike Co., LTD. (“Tokyobike”), and same by niente Inc. (“Niente”) applies for the hire from Tokyobike Plus Gotokuji. Liability in excess of this amount will be the hirer’s responsibility.*3

<What to do in the event of an accident>
If an accident occurs during the rental period, immediately cease driving and prioritize requesting an ambulance if there are any injured individuals. All accidents must be reported to the store and the police, and the hirer must remain at the scene and follow all directions. The hirer agrees to cooperate with claim procedures for the third party insurance policy taken out by Tokyobike or Niente, according to where the bicycle is hired from.


5. In the event the hirer is unable to continue cycling for any reason, they must immediately contact the store hired from. The hirer is responsible for the bicycle until it is handed over to the designated representative of Tokyobike or Niente, according to where the bicycle is hired from (or until instructed to leave it in a designated location). A collection fee will apply.*4*4


6. In the event of a mechanical failure, loss or theft, the hirer must immediately contact us.


<Mechanical failure>
Evidence of intentional damage or improper use will incur a repair charge.
<Loss or theft>The hirer is responsible for the bicycle during the hire period. In the event of loss or theft, the hirer agrees to pay a reimbursement fee as stipulated by tokyobike.*5
<Unauthorised parking>
In accordance with local by-laws, parking in zones where bicycle parking is prohibited, such as near train stations, may may result in the bicycle’s removal. The hirer is responsible for bicycle recovery and associated costs (recovery and/or transport fees as stipulated by the municipality).
If the hirer is unable to arrange collection, the hirer agrees to pay a reimbursement fee to tokyobike as stipulated in *5.*6

  Additionally, should the loss or theft affect subsequent paid bookings, the hirer agrees to pay the applicable rental fees to cover lost bookings. The loss or theft of bicycle parts and accessories will incur fees as listed in *7.


7. Making modifications to bicycles that may cause damage, including child seat installation, are strictly
not permitted.Wedo not accept responsibility for accidents caused as a result of unauthorised modifications.


8. Bicycles must be returned by the designated time. Returns on the following day will incur an additional day’s rental fee.


9. We reserve the right to refuse bookings to hirers deemed unfit for bicycle hire, including those under the influence of alcohol.*8

*1  “Five Rules for Cyclist Safety”
①Cyclists are to use the road ‒ cycling on sidewalks is prohibited  ②Cycle on the left side of the road (no cycling on the right side of the road)  ③Pedestrians have the right of way onsidewalks ‒ cyclists to use the side closest to the road  ④Observe safety rules (no cycling under the influence of alcohol, no carrying passengers, cycle in single file, use lights in the dark, obey traffic lights, observe give way signs and check for traffic at crossings)  ⑤Wear a helmet
*2 Punctures sustained during hire, or malfunction of properly fitted brakes are not deemed existing mechanical faults
*3 Conditions and exclusions apply, including accidents caused under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
*4  Collection fee: 5,000YEN
*5  50,000YEN/bicycle
*6  In the event the bicycle is recovered after the reimbursement fee has been paid by the hirer, a partial refund will apply. (Any recovery/transport fees and mechanical repair costs will be deducted from the reimbursement fee of 50,000YEN/bicycle).
*7  Key/1,000YEN, Lock/3,000YEN, Light/3,000YEN
*8  Refer to Road Traffic Law Article 65 (prohibiting the operation of vehicles under the influence of alcohol)